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If you have gained access here you have bought a warmer and 100% hand carved Himalayan salt massage stones so a Congratulations to you!!!!! And a THANK YOU!! 

   If you are a therapist wanting to see the protocols and print out our very educational 30 page manual (it is a must read) please go to the Protocols tab and scroll- my suggestion is the deep tissue massage (you can print the written protocol and it follows the words on the video so it easy to read and hear and see technique)  the manual is up top to download and then you can print- it is truly a wealth of knowledge not only about Himalayan salt but also about contraindication and how heat affects the skin and body!  


   All of this education is complimentary as my background being licensed in all areas of spa and a massage therapist as well is 30 years deep in education so happy to provide this.  If you would like to do our online class that is NCB approved and provides 6 hours and certification – please click here and contact us at info@saltability.com to sign up.

Quick Videos

How to set up your bowl once you receive it?
How to disinfect the stones once used in a treatment?
How to rotate the stones in the bowl?
How to use the Restorative massage tool at home?

    If you are a spa owner or manager, we have some great photography that you can use for email blasts and we have some shelf talkers that can be ordered as well and they can be found here!  We can customize your logo on the photos if you would like so please reach out to info@saltability.com for any personalized needs.

    Thank you and I am always available via ann@saltability.com so feel free to email if you need anything as well.

    Warm regards and thank you again! - Ann | Founder & CEO